WildlifeMonitor is a web-based tool to store, control and display localisation data from satellite tags (mainly GPS trackers) for wildlife. It can handle data from many different satellite tag providers and display them in a uniform way on all sort of devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phones). In addition, it has an information channel enabling users to receive notifications immediately each time when new data is available and to get alerted if tags have not provided data or the animal did not move for a longer period.


Key features

Easy and intuitive tool to control satellite tracked animals

  • Uniform and attractive display and control of the movements of tracked wildlife
  • Easy handling of different tag types and big data sets in one tool
  • Responsive webpage displaying data properly on all kind of mobile devices
  • Different data download options (csv and kml) and map queries
  • User defined data queries (time interval and number of data points per day)
  • Interface to the mobile App "Slack" for instant information on data delivery and alerts
  • Automatic and manual validation of data and possibility to remove outliers
  • Centralised data storage of data from different tag types on a Swiss based server

Public maps

  • Provision of public maps with reduced data and delayed display
  • Inclusion of logos with hyperlinks
  • Maps can be embedded in all different websites